Machinery manufacture

We undertake the manufacture of complete assemblies and machines, according to the needs of your company, targeting to the maximum efficiency for your production.


New commercial partnerships

29 January 2018

Tyrpanis Company has recently proceeded to a new investment, by adding to its stock a new series of merchandise. This way, we aim to expand our commercial activity and provide the best possible services and products to our clients.

New machinery installation

28 January 2018

In terms of our constant modernization, our company has added new machinery to its equipment, upgrading its productive capability.

Our new website

27 January 2018

Our company, in terms of the modernization of its internal procedures and the general upgrade of its corporate identity, proudly presents its new website.

The new website is in accordance with all modern programming and design principles and will shortly be performing e-commerce online sales, in order our stock to be distributed globally.

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